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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Little River Canyon Expedition

Our "Expedition" (read that: Vacation) to the Little River Canyon area of NE Alabama was wonderful. Such beauty and peace - a very real time of refreshing. Vacation for just Kathy and myself... 'empty nest' in practice.

Hikes: (1) The Wilderness of Mentone (2) Little River Canyon National Preserve (3) DeSoto State Park
Distances: (1) 4 miles total (2) Diving/Hiking tour of the Rim (3) 11 miles total
Ratings: (1) 3.5 (2) 5+ (3) 5
Conditions: All hikes were sunny and mild. Glorious weather for the entire week. Mornings and late evenings were cool (long sleeves), but afternoons were sunny and warm. Little cloud cover most of week. Stars were visible through glass patio doors from our cabin bedroom! Waterfalls were full and beautiful. Hiked to all main falls in DeSoto State Park and Little River Canyon NP. Drove to DeSoto Falls but somehow missed the trail with Icebox Cave.
Thoughts: A great time of refreshing and inspiration. Was wonderful to get away to such a beautiful area for a week. The Wilderness of Mentone is a Christian Retreat in the making. The Kadesh Cabin (our cabin) is a simple one bedroom cabin with a great view of the pond and property. LORD, YOU really spoke to my heart during this week. Thank YOU for giving me this time and working in my life!

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