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Saturday, June 09, 2007

June 9 Hikes

Hike: Mountain Creek 6/9/2007, 08:15-09:45
Distance: 3 miles
Rating: 5
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Conditions: Sunny; very warm; muggy; very light breeze
Thoughts: Scared up small doe in brush pile as I entered the trails area. Many song birds out today - woods filled with their songs. Looks like park got a little rain the other day. We certainly needed it. We are desperate for rain, LORD. Summer is upon us; hot and humid. Mimosa are in full bloom. As delicate as they look, they handle the drought very well.

Hike: Kymulga Historic Grist Mill Park, Childersburg, AL 6/9/2007, 15:00-17:00
Distance: 1 mile Left Nature Trail
Rating: 4 {Stately riparian Hardwood forest. Tall Beech and Yellow Poplar Trees dominate. Champion Sugarberry stand}
Difficulty: Easy. Trails all level, wide, and well maintained. Surface is dirt and grass. Not well marked.
Conditions: Sunny, hot, humid (of course, it's Alabama in June)
Thoughts: Hiked Left Nature Trail with Kathy. Saw "family" of three armadillos up close. Kathy had never seen a live armadillo before! Trail all level and well maintained. Not marked. Champion Sugarberry trees not located (at least not signed). Small park, but nice riparian area. Would be a good place for a picnic during cooler weather.

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