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Thursday, February 21, 2008

C.O.M.E. #4.1 - Total Lunar Eclipse

Adventure: Viewing of Total Lunar Eclipse 2/20/2008 20:00-22:00
Location: South field of Church Campus
Conditions: Clear to Partly Cloudy. Clouds cleared out completely during the total phase of the eclipse!
blessed us with clear skies during the total eclipse time! We had
a perfect view from the field on the south side of the church campus.
While the moon did not display the turquoise color NASA had speculated
might be seen, the warm red glow covered our nearest celestial
neighbor in this beautiful astronomical event. GOD orders the path
and timing of all celestial objects and this is a wondrous example of
HIS power and beauty.

It was great to have Emily, Jonny, Martha, Nathan, Jim, ConnieT, and
Kathy join me on this Expedition 4.1.

All of the images captured of this event are in our minds - none of
our digital photos would do the event justice!

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