Life Verse:

"...I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly." -- JESUS in John 10:10

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Hike - Mountain Creek

Hike: Mountain Creek, 4/26/2008 09:00-11:00
Distance: 4 miles
Rating: 5/5
Difficulty: Easy
Conditions: Cloudy, low to mid 70's, very light to no breeze. Some "bugs" beginning to show up. Insect repellent will be needed before to much longer.
Thoughts/Observations: Enjoyable hike. I missed the Wisteria bloom this year. All hardwoods have leaves out now - even the Hickories. Many birds today; pasarines, crows, and hawks. Several lizards, but no snakes observed. Azaleas and some wildflowers still in bloom. Sermon topic for tomorrow: "What's So Great about Christianity?" Thank YOU for YOUR presence in my life, LORD.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

AWF Nature Center Lanark

Hike: AWF Nature Center Lanark, Millbrook, AL 04/19/2008, 09:18-12:08
Distance: 6 miles
Rating: 5/5
Difficulty: Easy
Conditions: Breezy; Gorgeous sunshine! Feels like low to mid 70's. A small crowd at the Pavilion for the plant show. A few folks on the trails, but not many.
First time I've seen water in Gum Pond. Was wonderful to see. Thank YOU, LORD, for sending YOUR healing rain.
Many birds about - Cardinals, Bluebirds, and 1 hawk
I very much needed this 1/2 day away and on-the-trail; demands on my life have been weighty the last few weeks. Thank YOU, LORD GOD, for being "my help in ages past, my hope for years to come".