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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ft. Toulouse Hike - 01/03/2009

HIKE: Ft. Toulouse National Historic Site, Wetumpka, AL, 01/03/2009, 09:04-12:15
DISTANCE: 4.3 miles
CONDITIONS: Cloudy, few sprinkles near end of hike, little to no breeze; temps in low to mid 60's.
Lots of gray squirrels today - playing all around. Serenaded by the bountiful passerines. Flushed a very nice 6-pt whitetail buck in the bottom land between the arboretum deck and the Tallapoosa River. Large woody vines in this bottom land - even noticed evidence of woodpecker work on these large vines. Blackberry vines and Chinese privet hedge also abundant in the bottom. Several small unidentified evergreen shrubs with red berries (not a holly). Mosquitoes would probably be a problem in this area in warmer weather. A few people (and two dogs) on the trail. Continued planning for 2009 C.O.M.E. ministry. Meditated on sermon topic for tomorrow, "Prepare to Meet Your GOD" (Amos).
I love YOU, LORD, with all that I am. Please forgive my sins. Guide me daily to walk closer to YOU. Thank YOU for YOUR call on my life. I ask for YOUR wisdom as I seek to shepherd YOUR people at Crestview and to integrate outdoor-based ministry in to the overall ministry of the church. I pray that this will open doors for so many others who have a love of the outdoors but who do not know The CREATOR of all this splendor! In JESUS name, Amen.

SPOT Check OK from parking lot at Ft. Toulouse did not work, but did work from parking lot of Wendy's back out on US231.

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