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Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year Planning... Musings for 2009

I am awaiting the publication of our group's weekend duty schedule before making concrete plans for outdoor adventures this year. No sense in having to re-do my planning list more than necessary. Having said that, I will begin some "day dreaming" about 2009 adventures, understanding that GOD has the final say in my calendar planning...

The biggest and most anticipated adventure for 2009 has got to be the Great Western Expedition. I renamed it from "Great Northwest Expedition" because the areas covered have expanded to include Utah, California, and Arizona to name a few. The Great Western Expedition (GWE for short) is planned to be a three week adventure through some of America's most storied National Parks. Looks like commitments at work will delay the start of this adventure to the end of May or beginning of June.

Included in the scheme of plans for the GWE are hikes, camp-outs, and sightseeing in Yellowstone, Yosemite, Arches, Sequoia & Kings, Grand Canyon, and Petrified Forest National Parks. Needless to say I am dreaming about this adventure.

Other plans for 2009 include:

-- Putting the pop-up camper to good use. Allow Kathy to get some "practice" with her new Dutch oven and tripod.

-- Backpacking with my brother in Sipsey Wilderness. Intend to see the "Big Tree".

-- More kayaking/canoeing ... including the seasonal Coldwater Creek trip.

-- Break in my 'new' fly fishing equipment.

-- Extended weekend trip to the Great Smokey Mountains.

-- Plan an Everglades National Park trip.

-- Plan an extended C.O.M.E. for 2009 or 2010. Not sure of destination yet.

-- Some C.O.M.E. possibilities for 2009 are:
Buck's Pocket SP
Oak Mtn SP
Cheaha Mtn SP
Pinhoti Trail
Chief Ladiga Rail Trail
Blackwater River FL SF
Barton's Beach Nature Preserve
Creation Celebration Event


David said...

Hey Mr. Larry, why not throw in Mt
St Helens or Olympic National Park? I'm living in Portland OR right now and would love to meet up with you guys for a hike & camp!!! This is beautiful country and should not be overlooked!


Pastor Larry said...

Hi David! Great to "hear" from you. I would love to experience Mt. St. Helens and Olympic NP, and especially see you again; but my problem is already having too much even for a 3-4 week road trip!!! I probably will delete Yosemite from the list so we'll have enough time for Sequoia, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Yellowstone. We may have to save Olympic and Mt. St. Helens for another, Great Pacific Northwest Expedition! Maybe we could still get together though... Kathy & I are still in the detailed planning stage. I'll keep you posted.