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Saturday, February 21, 2009

C.O.M.E. #9 - Barton's Beach Nature Preserve

Hike: Expedition #9 Barton's Beach Nature Preserve, Perry County, AL 2/21/2009 09:25-13:25
Distance: Estimated at 4 miles (pedometer did not function correctly)
Rating: 5/5
Difficulty: Easy. All trails were flat. Little to no elevation changes throughout the area. Some blow-downs to negotiate but bushwhacking required was not a problem.
Conditions: Absolutely gorgeous day! Bright blue, clear sky throughout the expedition. Temps started out around 40, but warmed up to low 60's by afternoon. Breeze was light to moderate and except for the sound in the tree tops was not noticeable in the forest.
Martha, Jon, Nathan, Charlie & Cynthia (their first expedition) joined me for Expedition #9 to Perry Lakes & Barton's Beach Nature Preserve. We had a wonderful time, though we did miss some of our regular ones. Hiked Ridge Trail, Round Lake Trail (did a little bushwhacking through slough trail area), and climbed the 100' Birding Tower (views were amazing here and the wind was more noticeable up top). Also hiked the Beach Trail and Secret Trail. Spent some time on the white sand beach of the Cahaba River. The white sand is truly amazing - almost as pristine as one would expect on the Gulf beaches. We picnicked together and shared a devotional from Romans 1 and Psalm 1. A great time and, as Martha said, "This is one to do again."

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