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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Needed Hike - Mountain Creek - 3/23/2009

Hike: Mountain Creek, Monday, 3/23/2009, 17:00-18:00
Distance: ~2 miles  Rating: 4/5 (hurried because the park closes at dusk)
Difficulty: Easy
Conditions:  Sunny, clear.  Light wind.  Sun headed down.  Very comfortable temps/humidity.
Forest beginning to come alive with signs of Spring.  Brilliant red Cardinals, pure white Dogwood blooms, and passionate purple Wisteria are the order of the day here.  Dogwoods are well on their way to being in full bloom.  Wisteria seems to be just beginning to bloom here (a little behind some of the other areas I've seen).  Give it another week or so to be in full bloom.  (Note:  Some of the hardwoods in the bottom land as you enter the nature trail area have been cut due to disease or injury.  Wisteria may not be as widespread due to this culling.)  Azaleas are budding and will also burst forth into bloom by Easter.  Hardwoods have that light-green color that has always reminded me of Spring as their new leaves begin to stretch out to the sun.  Red Maples add a nice dash of red to the forest canopy and mid-story.  Squirrels are scurrying about along with many passarines.  I really needed this hike -- this time to get away from the demands of everyday work, ministry, and family.  Thank YOU, LORD, for providing this place for me and for meeting me here!  Thank YOU for encouraging, comforting, and strengthening me.

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