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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trip Journal - Phoenix Arizona - Spring 2009 - Page 1

Sat. 3/28/2009 – 05:42CDT

Sitting at the Montgomery Regional Airport waiting… flight delayed until 07:16 for required crew rest. Weather in the area is bad but seems to be confined mostly to extreme south Alabama. Kathy & Diane saw me off at the terminal in a light rain. Thankfully MGM has a partial cover extending over the unloading area.

This trip to Phoenix seems hurried – not as well planned out as my previous trips. Is it getting “old hat”? I don’t think so… just so much competing for time these last several months. I really do need an extended vacation. I hope we get to go on our Great Western Expedition.

Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord! -- Psalms 27:14 (NKJV)

LORD, I wait on YOU as best I know how. Forgive me of my sins. Guide me to walk daily closer to YOU. I ask for YOUR wisdom that I may know how to shepherd YOUR people at Crestview. Comfort and defend Kathy & Diane during our time apart. Thank YOU for what YOU have done and for what YOU will do. In JESUS name, amen.

Sat, 3/28/2009 20:35MST (Phoenix, AZ)

Plane was delayed a little over an hour due to time required for crew rest and the weather. I just did have time to gobble-down a bacon-egg-cheese biscuit and hash browns before boarding the plane for Phoenix.

Plane arrived in Phoenix exactly on schedule, 10:57MST.

Lots of people in Phoenix this week… some type of Spring-training (baseball thing), spring break, and other special events. Hertz was almost swamped. They rented me a 4x4 Chev Colorado Pickup because they were running short on intermediate size cars. Didn’t cost IP any additional money!

Remembering how I missed out last fall on Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park, I headed east toward the Superstitions and Superior Arizona. (I stopped this time at Carl’s Burgers for a quick lunch!) The drive was a little congested until after Apache Junction, but still enjoyable. The Sonoran Desert and Superstition Mountains are quite enchanting. As I entered Tonto National Forest through Gonzoles Pass, Picketpost Mountain loomed impressively on the right. Thompson Arboretum SP is nestled in the shadow of Picketpost Mountain.

GOD blessed me greatly with wonderful weather and a clear head and stomach this time. The spring desert flowers were in regal form today. I was genuinely impressed! I did not expect that much color, fragrance, and variety. The hummingbirds and butterflies were having a field day! Hope the pictures do them justice.

The 3.5 miles of hiking today covered areas from Sonoran desert gardens, to Australian Eucalyptus forests, to Ayers Lake, to Picketpost Mountain high trail, to a Demonstration Garden, a riparian (creek side) area, and everything in between. There were many lizards in attendance, along with several ground squirrels. As expected, birds were everywhere. Thompson Arboretum State Park is, in my estimation, a jewel in the crown of the State of Arizona! Thank YOU, LORD, for preparing this place and sharing it with me.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. L! We missed you today but as always Joe would have made you proud. Hope you have a good day. Love ya, em