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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Great Western Expedition - Epilogue

Friday, July 03,2009 (Epilogue)


            Made it to Prattville about 3:00am this morning after logging 892 miles of driving from St. Joseph, MO!  It was so good to see the Alabama the Beautiful sign on US78 and even better to see the Prattville exit off I-65 later.


            Diane and the "puppies" were glad to see us.  It was close to 4am by the time any of us got to bed.  Needless to say I slept a little later than usual.  Now we still have to clean out the popup camper and unpack all the clothes and gear.


            The trip was certainly worth all of the driving time and effort.  GOD used this time to teach us some important lessons and some things I am still processing.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday and my family is coming up for a visit as well! 


            Listed below are my thoughts about the accomplishments and items left to-do from our Great Western Expedtion-2009:



o       Very good for my walk of fellowship with GOD. 

o       Learned some important spiritual lessons. (e.g. Demonstration of GOD's goodness and faithful care!)

o       Learned more about myself.

o       Good for Kathy and my relationship.

o       Good for Diane – some important lessons for her on managing a household (which she did very well).

o       Good for Crestview Church (several individuals filled in for me on Wed. nights and did a great job).

o       Good rest for me away from pressing responsibilities.

o       Saw and experienced some wonderful places (places that are on my "Life List").

o       Learned a great deal about use of our popup camper.

o       Learned that I have a lot to learn about fly-fishing.



o       Yosemite NP

o       Better exploration of Badlands

o       Pacific Northwest

o       Coastal Redwoods NP

o       San Diego Zoo

o       Joshua Tree NP

o       Canyonlands NP

o       Bryce Canyon NP

o       Monument Valley Navajo Nation Park

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