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Monday, August 17, 2009

Bike Hike Swayback Bridge Trail

Hike: Bike Hike on Swayback Bridge Trail, Wetumpka, AL, Sat.
8/15/2009, 08:00-09:30
Distance: 4.0 miles Rating: 4/5
Difficulty: Mod to Difficult (Technically challenging in spots)
Conditions: Muggy, mostly clear, warming fast, ground wet from recent
rains but not muddy. Trail in good shape. Three other ATB users and
1 runner on trail.


Rode with Robert. He just got his new Trek aluminum ATB. Good
workout. Been too long since I've ridden my ATB on this trail, but I
thought the ride went well. My ATB will require a tune up and some
new tires. Both my tires went flat after I returned home!

Did not observe any wildlife (hard to do from the saddle of an ATB at
speed). Flora was beautiful. Several summer wildflowers still in
bloom. Vines, bushes, etc. have not encroached on the single-track.
TOLA does a great job of trail maintenance. Just be prepared for lots
of roots!!!

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