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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back on Swayback

Hike: Swayback Bridge Trail, Sat. 01/16/2010, 08:30-10:30
Distance: 4 miles Rating: 4/5
Difficulty: Easy
Conditions: Cloudy to light sprinkles at hike's end. High 50's. Light but steady breeze. Trails still wet and muddy in spots (will get more muddy after this front finishes!).
Expedition #16 to Horseshoe Bend NMP was canceled. Only one other person showed up -- others sick or having to work. I did not feel right about taking the church van for just two of us, so I canceled the trip. Maybe we can reschedule again.

Since it was going to be a solo hike for me and I knew we were in for rain I decided to try out my Frogg Toggs. They work quite well. Much better than a vinyl rainsuit but still a little warm even under the easy exertion of this trail. Well worth the $25.00 paid. Still not sure about how they would withstand briers and brambles. Their combination lightweight, water-proofness, and breathability grants them a spot in my backpack.

Spooked a whitetail deer (small buck I think) as I entered the forest. Many passerines as usual. Four mountain bikers on the trail probably cleared out most fauna. Thought a lot about future expeditions and ministry efforts. My right foot bothered me a little eventhough I wore the temporary arch support Dr. Zimbleman made for me. Pain was not severe and did not seriously slow me. It was mainly confined to outside of foot near little toe.

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