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Saturday, January 09, 2010

COLD Hike - Mountain Creek 01/09/2010

Hike: Mountain Creek (Confederate Memorial Park), Sat., 01/09/2010, 10:35-13:15
Distance: ~5 miles Rating: 4/5
Difficulty: Easy
Conditions: Bright blue sky! 27 degrees F. Calm to light breeze stirring the trees. Trails open and unhindered. A few puddles and wet spots remain from the recent rains. Creek is a little above normal level. Swampy areas are full of water (and ice today!).
Really cold! Ground was busted up, erupted with ice in several places. Made a comforting crunch beneath my hiking boots as I hiked this quietly comforting area. Many birds about - Eastern Bluebirds, Thrashes, Turkey Vulture, large hawk, and the little green sparrow-sized bird I saw last week. Lots of birdsong playing through the air today.

Gave the hike a 4 rating because I seemed to have trouble "stilling my heart" today. My mind kept jumping around many different thoughts.

No one else in the park - too cold for them. Thank YOU, LORD, for such a glorious, beautiful, and peaceful day.

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