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Monday, January 11, 2010

Expedition #16 Info

Expedition #16 – Hike Horseshoe Bend NMP

Expedition: #16 – Hiking Horseshoe Bend National Military Park, Dadeville, AL

Date/Time: Saturday, January 16, 2010 – Departing Church No Later Than 07:30am.

Description: We will hike the 3 mile nature trail from the Visitor Center, around the battlefield, through the Creek Village, by the banks of the meandering Tallapoosa and back to the picnic area by the Visitor Center. All of the trails are wide and well maintained. This route is considered mainly Easy, with some small, Moderate hills to negotiate. The trail surface is predominately packed soil with gravel in some areas. Picnic facilities are generous with a couple of covered pavilions. The route includes ample opportunities to observe local flora and fauna as well as the historical battle of Horseshoe Bend.

We will share a picnic lunch after the hike (bring your own lunch, water, and trail snacks) and a short devotional. Don’t forget your Bible, Journal, and pen/pencil. This is also a hike you will have excellent opportunities for photography.

Admission to Horseshoe Bend NMP is FREE and there is NO COST associated with this Expedition.

Degree of Difficulty: Easy. Trail surface is packed earth with some gravel sections. There are a few small hills and rolling terrain, but no difficult climbs/descents.

Emergency Info: Cell phone coverage should be sparse to good. Your trail guide will be equipped with a SPoT (Satellite Personal Tracker) in the event Emergency Services should be needed on an area of the trail where cell phone coverage is not available.

Cost: There is no direct cost associated with this expedition. Individuals should carry their own water (or sports drink) and snacks for the trail. We will end the hike with a picnic lunch (bring your own food) under the pavilion near the Visitor Center.

What to Bring:

· Trail shoes

· Suitable / comfortable clothes for hiking. Dress in layers appropriate for the weather.

· Water (or sports drink), snacks, and picnic lunch.

· Camera (optional)

· Map (will be provided by trail guide)

· Cell phone (optional)

· An eager, enthusiastic, and expectant spirit!

· An eye for the beauty GOD has wrought!

· We will have a short devotional after our picnic lunch. Please bring your Bible, Journal, and pen/pencil.

Expedition Credit: 3 miles / 1 Bible Study

TrailGuide: Pastor Larry

Additional Info: Contact Pastor Larry or 365-9621 (Church).

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