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Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year's Hike - Mountain Creek

Hike: Mountain Creek, Fri. 1/1/2010, 10:15-12:20
Distance: 4.0 miles Rating: 5/5
Difficulty: Easy
Conditions: Blustery. Very cool. Wind pushing through the tree tops at times a continuous roar. Mostly cloudy to mostly sunny by end of hike.
Thank YOU, LORD, for this joy-filled hike. Was not in to the hike more than 5 minutes when I was treated to the most beautiful pair of blue, brown, and gray birds. They displayed their colors from all directions as they watched me and ate dogwood berries. Also observed small green sparrow-sized bird near pine upland fence-line. Black & white stripes on back. Serenaded by bird-song and wind music! Wonderful way to start a new decade! Was a very peaceful and refreshing hike.

New binocular harness worked great! Makes the heavier Simmons binoculars easy to carry and readily accessible. Did not take the camera today - had to leave battery charging. In a way that probably contributed to my enjoyment of the hike - I was just "soaking it all up myself".

(Note: The blue birds were Eastern Bluebirds, just appeared larger and more vivid than I'm used to seeing!)

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