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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hike - Barton's Beach Nature Preserve

Hike: Barton's Beach Nature Preserve near Marion, AL, Sat., 02/13/2010, 11:00-13:35
Distance: 5 miles Rating: 5/5
Difficulty: Easy
Conditions: Mostly sunny. Wind Calm. Mid 30's to Low 40's. Trails wet, muddy in low places from recent rains. No evidence of snow in this area. Water levels lower than previously observed in Round Lake. Some rerouting of water flow from Cottonmouth Creek may have been made. No other reason I can imagine for the water level to be down in this oxbow lake.
Hiking with Diane and Robert today! Was wonderful to be able to share this special place and time with them. I have really enjoyed Diane's interest in "getting out" with me these last several weeks.

Barton's Beach is one of those little known jewels. When you spend time hiking and taking it all in, you just have to say "GOD, YOU have created such a special place here." From the white sand beach on the banks of the aquamarine Cahaba River to the quiet Cypress swamps of Round, Middle, and Secret Lakes, one is surrounded by the splendor of GOD's Creation. So many different birds were busy about life today. A small yellow-green sparrow-sized bird I was not familiar with along with several different woodpeckers. Turkey Vultures, hawks, all types of passerines readily observed, and we even heard an owl! The 100' birding tower is always a hit - I saved it until near the end of our hike as a surprise! The views of the oxbow lakes and cypress swamps are phenomenal from this vantage point.

Another great adventure.

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