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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Celtic Woman Concert - BJCC

How can I describe this special anniversary present?  Wonderful, inspiring, encouraging, a treat of sound and sight, a sweet melodious treasure – all of those words come to mind.  Perhaps the best description would be that Celtic Woman makes “my heart sing”.  This event left me with a smile on my face and in my eyes, a song in my heart, and a spring in my step.  You could not ask for much more in a concert.
These young women, as well as the musicians that back them, are remarkably talented.  The choreography, orchestration, and visual effects combined to make a stunning and vivid impression of sound and sight; an impression that will long linger in our minds.
All of my favorites were included from “You Lift Me Up”, “Orinoco Flow”, “Spanish Lady”, and of course “Amazing Grace”.  I was thrilled that the bagpiper for Amazing Grace actually entered the arena right by Kathy and me!  Nothing quite touches my spirit like the haunting shrills and strains of this simple hymn played on the bagpipes.  The sopranos and orchestration of Celtic Woman swirled up and around, mingling with the mystic tones of the bagpipes, culminating in a deeply-touching rendition that moved the audience to a total standing ovation.
This is one concert, one wedding anniversary present, that I will long remember.  Thank you, Kathy and thank you Celtic Woman.  I was absolutely blessed to witness this event.

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