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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pine Mountain Animal Safari

Today was a special day for me - I believe for Kathy and Diane as well.  This was one of the few Saturday's available before Diane's wedding that we could have a Family Day.  Diane wanted to see the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA - so we headed over about 8:00am.

The day was fantastic!  Mostly sunny skies and warm temperatures graced our picnic at the visitor's center as well as our zebra-van safari ride and walk through of the park.  There seemed to be even more animals than I remember.  Long horned cows, other African bovine, and bison were waiting just inside the gate as I drove our zebra stripped Dodge minivan into the park.  They were all eager for a tasty treat and did not mind in the least sticking their massive heads inside the window where they would accept their snack and maybe drool on you at the same time.  We were feeding, petting, and scratching huge bovines from all over the world as well as Kathy's favorite:  the bison.  Diane and Kathy both were squealing and laughing like little girls.

Various deer also graced our ride-through safari.  They were more timid than the huge bovines and would not stick their heads inside the van.  They would come up to the van though and accept a snack from your hand.  Except for the occasional elk, all the deer in the park were of the small, delicate type (Fallow, etc.).  Their eyes and expressions reminded me of Gracie (yes, I fed a lot of them).

Zebra, donkey, and zedonks were also present but they got their treats tossed to them (they will bite!).  Ostritch, Emu, and Rhea also have a tendency to peck and poke at you - so they got their treats tossed as well.

The star of the show had to be the small, pot-bellied pigs.  Diane literally squealed with delight at seeing them.  She would call "piggy piggy" and they would come running from all directions.  We were even blessed to see a group of four newly born piglets near the roadway.  "Oh they're so cute" was an often heard phrase from Diane and Kathy.

Seeing, feeding, and experiencing the animals was a thrill, but nothing compared to the thrill of sharing this special day with Kathy and Diane.  Soon Diane will be married and in her own home.  I am so thankful for this time.

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