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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day Hike Lanark - Alabama Wildlife Federation Nature Center

Hike: Hilltop Pass, Turkey Ridge, Still Creek Run - Lanark, Sat. 7/17/2010, 09:00-11:45
Distance: 6 miles  Rating: 4/5
Difficulty: Easy  Map Coord: N32.47717 / W86.38391
Conditions: Partly cloudy.  Hot and very humid. 09:00-11:45
Got a little later start today than originally planned.  Saw my friends off at church before coming to trails.  Missed them a lot today.  Legs felt a little heavy and I was sweating a lot today - humidity was very high.  Trails were in good shape and I had all of them pretty much to myself - met one man and son on Turkey Ridge.  They have added a loop off of Turkey Ridge called Tadpole Pond Loop that highlights a pond and aquatic ecosystems.  Some of the largest tadpoles I've ever seen are living in Tadople Pond!  Dragonflies were the stars today.  GOD created these magnificent creatures in all sizes and colors.  They were showing off today.  Red, blue, green, black - even some quite large blue ones with sliver, lacy wings.  They darted all around me as they hunted for their food or a mate.  Damsel flies were also in abundance in blue, black, and brilliant, bright green.  The Damsel Flies seemed to favor the boggy areas while Dragon flies were more numerous over open water and flowing streams.  Passarines were in abundance as usual - I really enjoyed several friendly and melodious cardinals on the creek side trails.  One large black racer slid from the Tadpole Pond area up under the boardwalk as I hiked by.  He was very shiny and swift.  Many small lizards with blue stripes ran up and down the boardwalks staying just out of reach.  Gray squirrels and chipmunks were busy scurrying about in Hilltop Pass and Turkey Ridge. 

Was able to spend some time in prayer and worship.  Humming "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore THEE".  Didn't feel as good as usual during this hike.  Felt a little light headed or shaky.  Not sure what's going on.

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