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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Morning Hike @ Swayback Bridge Trail

Hike: Red Trail - Swayback Bridge Trail of Legends - Sat. 7/24/2010, 07:15-10:15
Distance: 7 miles  Rating: 5/5  Map Coord: N32.62458 / W86.24049
Difficulty: Moderate due to heat/humidity and distance.
Conditions: Humid, warm.  Partly cloudy. Light breeze. 80 F.  Trail surface in good condition.  Light rain during the night.  No standing water, but ground was damp.  Wet-season streams are pooling - no flow in them today.

Plants were the stars today.  GOD produced many meadow wildflowers of gold, yellow, white, lavender, purple, and pink.  Some broad leaves as well as pine needles were coated with droplets of water from the rain last night.  There were different shades of green and contrasting textures vividly displayed throughout the forest.  Some of the ferns, vines, and the Big Leaf Magnolia made me feel as if I was in some primeval forest.  It was a veritable concert of sight.  Many passarines about as well as chipmunk and gray squirrel  Butterflies and bees were busy with the meadow wildflowers.  A particularly mesmerizing blue Damselfly was busy near the lake's edge near the 6 mile mark.

Song "Cry Out For Love" was on my mind.  Talked with GOD about a lot that's on my heart.  Was a very good hike.  Thank YOU, LORD.

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