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Monday, November 22, 2010

Hike Saturday - Alabama Wildlife Federation Nature Center, Lanark

Hike: Hilltop Pass and Turkey Ridge Trails, Lanark, Millbrook, AL; Sat. 11/20/2010 08:30-11:30
Distance: 4 miles  Rating: 4/5
Difficulty: Easy 
Conditions: Partly cloudy.  Cool, but comfortable.  Little breeze.  Trails in good condition.  Few other people met on the trails.
Hike Saturday with Jon, Amber, and Kathy.  Greeted by two whitetail deer as we entered the Nature Preserve!  Hardwood trees in regal form - mostly golds and yellows in this forest.  A few reds and purples.  White Oaks were especially impressive to me on the summit of Hilltop Pass.  The "camo color" of mixed brown and green leaves is beautiful against the blue sky and their own gray shaggy bark.  Observed a Yellowhammer among the White Oaks near the "pass".  The tree-top boardwalk was enjoyable as always.  Was surprised that we did not observe more birds or squirrels in this area.  Didn't see any turkeys this time either.

We were greeted to a special bloom display along the Turkey Ridge Trail, as some old camellia-type bushes were covered in fragrant lavender blooms.  The bees were loving these bushes!

After 4 miles of trails and some stomach grumbles, we stopped at the Lanark Pavilion to eat our picnic lunch and share a short devotional from Psalms 19 and 99.  We serve an awesome GOD and HE is magnified in HIS Creation.  We just need to look!

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