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"...I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly." -- JESUS in John 10:10

Monday, December 27, 2010

Cold December Morning Hike - Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail

Hike: North & South Loop, Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail, Kowliga, AL, Mon. 12/27/2010, 11:00-13:30
Distance: 4.0 miles  Rating: 5/5
Difficulty: Easy
Conditions: Beautiful sunshine - clear winter day.  Temps in upper 30's, wind ~ 11mph made for a chilly hike.  Trails in good condition with a few blow-downs to navigate over.  Lots of hardwood leaves still on the ground means take care with footing in downhill areas.

Wonderful hike.  It was a gorgeous, sunshine-filled day.  The cold temps (made a little colder by a moderate wind) were not too bad -- I had dressed appropriately.  The forest was a very quiet and serene place today.  Just me, GOD, and one armadillo.  (Guess GOD gave the armadillo armor rather than good eyesight and hearing.  I was within 2 feet of the little fellow before he heard me.  After I spoke to him, he grunted loudly, jumped up, and ran off!) 

A little snow still under the pines.  It was a special treat to see the white powder sprinkled over the pine straw of the upper ridge portions.  Some long icicles were hanging from the "cave". 

First opportunity I have had to hike since early in the month.  Thank YOU, LORD, for YOUR love and care; for this beautiful treasure of YOUR creation; and for the assurance of a future.  Thank YOU that YOU think about me!

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