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Friday, December 03, 2010

Serene & Quiet - Hiking Mtn Creek

Hike: Trails at Mountain Creek, Fri., 12/3/2010, 09:15-11:30
Distance: 4.0 miles  Rating: 5/5
Difficulty: Easy
Conditions: Mostly sunny with a few high, wispy clouds.  Light breeze.  Temps from high 40s to low 60s.  Trails damp but in good shape.  No other people on the trails today.

Though there is ample beauty here, this park has no "great sweeping vistas", no tremendous waterfalls, no jaw-dropping valleys, nor any such sight.  Yet it beckons me like no other place I routinely hike.  It is so peaceful and serene to hike in this park.  It has become my "Retreat"; taking the place of my childhood "fort" and the forest trails I hiked in my teen years behind home.  Very good memories flood my spirit while I travel the trails here -- I am reminded of home and GOD's faithfulness. 

This is my favorite place to "meet with GOD".  Guess that is why I came here to hike today.  I knew it would be quiet and I could have time to talk to HIM about life and reconsider decisions.  HE never fails to comfort my spirit and speak to my heart. 

The forest was very quiet today, just the sound of my footsteps, wind rustling through the tree tops, and the movement of passarines and one startled turkey.  Did see a few squirrels busy storing up food for the winter.  Observed several "treasures" in the forest -- small wildflowers still in bloom, fluffy white seed pods, and a few colored leaves scattered about.  

A very good investment of my time this morning!

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