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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Houston, TX Trip - Day 1

Made it to Houston, TX on time this afternoon.  Flights were a little cramped.  We flew CRJ200s from Montgomery to Memphis and to Houston.  I was expecting a larger aircraft on the Houston leg, but guess they don't fly larger planes for flights under 2 hours.  Lots of low, thick clouds prevented me from seeing much of the country side except on take-off and landing.  It was very bright above the clouds!  Sun was reflecting off the white cloud-tops.  Very cool.  The swirls and countless other patterns in the cloud tops were interesting and beautiful in their own right.

Checked in at our Hampton Inn - Cypress Station.  Will have to find a dinner spot that everyone (all six of us) can agree on.  Don't think it will be too hard though. ;-o

We start the Factory Acceptance Testing of the Honeywell Control System tomorrow morning.  Would like to think I will have some extra time to find a nice hiking spot, but I don't expect we will finish before Friday morning.  Plus I'm the one (of the mill employees) with the rental car -- no one else can get around without me!

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lisset said...

Pastor Larry, it is nice that you let us to know about your trip. An hopefully you will be able to get some time to hike :-).Take care. Good bless you.
By the way, I think you could enjoy to hike the INCA'S WAY in Machu Picchu Peru ...