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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Arizona Bobcat Climbs at the Sharp End

While I would not recommend trying to climb a Saguaro cactus, I suppose being chased by a Mountain Lion would make one rethink possibilities. I don't blame this little Bobcat for getting as high up as he could!

Arizona Bobcat Climbs at the Sharp End: "

You’re just minding your own bobcat business, like you always do, sniffing out rodent tapas in your desert home, keeping an eye out for Miss Bobcat, of course, when along comes a freight train of fangs and claws and fur, Felis concolor, who was a jerk and a bully when you were kits and still is, chasing you like nobody’s business until you nearly lost your dignity scrambling up this conveniently placed cactus. Conveniently placed, but ow freakin’ ow.

Southwest photography Curt Fonger received a call from friends who saw the cat atop the saguaro and quickly made his way out to the spot to grab these shots. The mountain lion was long gone, but the bobcat, likely freaked out and in no particular hurry, hung out for six and a half hours.

Then, according to Fonger, it came “down from the top about five feet or so, then the cat launched itself out into space (about three and a half stories up), came down on all fours, and vanished back into the wash, going back up into the Superstition Mountains,” he said. “It wasn’t hurt in any way.”

Maybe not in a visible way. But who knows what scars were left on the inside?

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