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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Kayaking Sofkahatchee Creek

Kayak: Sofkahatchee Creek, Wallsboro, AL, Sat., 07/09/2011, 06:30-10:30
Distance: 8 miles (estimate based on time paddled)  Rating: 5/5
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate (based on time/temp/humidity)
Conditions: Partly cloudy.  Very warm and humid.  Light wind.  Water level near normal to slightly low.  Turbidity - clear.  Water temps - normal for July.  Several power boats and jet skies in area, but not a serious issue.

Left home ~ 05:30.  Got on the water early which made for a much cooler kayak expedition.  Beautiful orange orb rose ahead of us as we drove to the Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources boat launch into Sofkahatchee Creek and Lake Jordan.  Glenn caught one spotted bass and about 4 bluegill today (catch and release). 

Observed egret, heron, duck, and crow.  Many turtles of all sizes and shapes.  Damselflies and dragonflies were our constant companions.  We had to keep an eye out for powerboats and jet skies but they were not a serious issue. 

Enjoyed seeing the 22' sailboat at Chandler YMCA up close.  A sailboat like that (it was named Fancy) would certainly fultill my dream of sailing to remote tropical islands and coves! 

Thank YOU, LORD, for caring for us.  YOU surround us with wonders of YOUR creation.

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Culinary School Just for me! said...

Glad u had a good time. Wht do you think about grist ( Selma) as our friends and family weekend camping/kayaking/canoeing/boating/swimming/tenting?fac