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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Watching for Perseids & Hiking Swayback Red Trail

Hike: Red Trail, Swayback Trail of Legends, Wetumpka, AL, Sat., 08/13/2011, 06:15-09:30
Distance: 7.0 miles  Rating: 5/5
Difficulty: Easy
Conditions: Quite warm (80's) and muggy.  No wind.  Trails damp but no mud holes.  Water standing in swampy area at trailhead.  Several mountain bikers and trail runners encountered this morning.


Started this morning about 4am, looking for the Perseids.  The viewing was not optimum since the moon was full and light-pollution was plentiful.  Nonetheless, I was able to see a few shooting stars.  Not as vivid and memorable as last year's event, but they did show up.  "The heavens declare the glory of GOD..."

The rising sun beckoned me as I drove eastward toward Swayback with a cran-grape colored sky.  Traffic was light this early in the morning.

Swayback was peaceful as I entered the trail head on the Red Trail.  Serenaded by the ever-present passerines, I hiked by the Swamp and through corridors of scattered yellow and lavender wildflowers.  Flying insects were in abundance, though not too bothersome.  (I did use Repel on my boots and pants legs.)

Photos taken of several wildflowers.  Enjoyed the peaceful  and worshipful experience.

(My apologies on the pics.  I used my old Kodak Digicam (because of its light weight) rather than my normal dSLR.  Sacrificed quality of pic for weight on the trail.  Won't do that again.)

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