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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Weekend Cabin: New South Wales Australia

The structure called “Mudgee Permanent Camp” by its architect is the epitome of rustic modern with a definitively Australian bent. Located on a sheep station in central-west New South Wales, it sits atop a hill that provides views for hundreds of miles in all directions, either from the first floor with the copper sides propped open or from the roof, which doubles as a rain collection device.
Mudgee is just 10 by 10 feet, 200 square feet total, with a sleeping loft, kitchen, and wood stove. An outside is a short walk to the west. On the south side of the house, winches control the adjustable veranda roofs (and the water tank is tucked away). The copper sides, in additional to provide protection from rain, fire, and cold, connect the structure to the long building vernacular of Australian sheep ranches. 

The simplicity of this cabin reminds me of some medieval tower standing guard over a wilderness frontier.  I could get used to the spartan accommodations very easily.


elfantasmita22 said...

This is an awesome cabin. Very creative also.

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