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"...I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly." -- JESUS in John 10:10

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cherokee Ridge Hike - 11/12/2011

Hike: Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail, Sat., 11/12/2011, 09:00-11:40
Distance: 4 miles  Rating: 5/5
Difficulty: Moderate due to the many ascent/descents and the tricky footing due to cover of dry pine straw
Conditions: Glorious day!  Bright and cheerful Autumn day.

Hiking under a forest canopy of gold, green, and red with an azure blue sky.  When the breeze increased there would be shower of red and gold leaves.  Such a wonderful experience. 

Observed several small fly-catcher type birds.  They were dusty-blue and gray.  Their hyper-active antics were amusing to watch.  Suppose they were searching for insects among the lake-shore trees. 

Four to five sailboats peacefully plyed the waters as I hiked by the lake-shore.  My imagination was captured by them as long as they were in view -- still dreaming about sailing to hidden coves and islands. 

Thoughts about surrender and sacrifice today.  Prayed for my brother-in-law.

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