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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Deadening Alpine Trail - Sat. 1/7/2012

Hike: Deadening Alpine Trail, Lake Martin, Sat., 1/7/2012, 10:45-14:00
Distance: approx 4 miles  Rating: 5/5
Difficulty: Difficult
Conditions: Light showers this morning delayed me until late morning.  Warm, 70degF.  Wind calm.  Mostly cloudy to mostly sunny by mid afternoon.  Trails damp from early morning rains.
This trail is certainly the most difficult in this part of the state, but it may also be the most scenic.  The views and experience are worth the scrambling up and down the lake cliffside trail.  No whitetail deer seen today but there were bunches of raucous crows.  Not sure what stirred them up (usually it is a hawk) but they were cawing the entire time.  The turkey vultures were still roosting near Lichen Bluff.  Rock outcroppings, overhands, and small caves are always fascinating along this trail.  Water was dripping off most of them.  One particular overhang about the 3 mile-mark would make a great camp-site (alas, camping is NOT allowed here).

Thought about the message for tomorrow, "Fall of America".  Grant me YOUR words to speak, LORD.  Guide me to be a man after YOUR own heart.  Thank YOU for sharing the treasures of YOUR Creation during these hikes.

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