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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Autumn Hike at Cherokee Ridge

Hike: North and South Loop Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail, Kowliga, AL, Sat., 10/27/2012, 10:00-12:30
Distance: approx. 5 miles  Rating: 5/5
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Conditions: 58 DegF to hi of 69 today.  Wind: moderate to brisk with chop on the lake and waves slapping the shore-line.  Trails in good shape with a few blow-downs.
My kind of hike this morning -- hiking amidst the colorful tapestry of GOD's forest.  I was immersed in a world of color as brown, yellow, and red leaves cushioned my feet and enveloped me on all sides.  Autumn has always been my favorite time of year -- I just can't get enough of drinking in the depth of vibrant color that GOD has splashed throughout HIS Creation.  The firmament certainly shows forth HIS handiwork.

The peace I feel while hiking here is palatable.  Very much needed and appreciated.

Gear List:
  • Gerber Prodigy
  • MountainSmith Lumbar pack (w/ Emerg & 1st Aid Kit)
  • 1 L water
  • Merrell Chameleon trail shoes
  • dSLR
  • Hiking stick
  • SPoT

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