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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Hiking Mountain Creek - Sat., 6/8/2013

Hike:  Mountain Creek, Saturday, 6/8/2013, 09:30-11:30CDT
Distance: 4 miles  Rating: 4/5  
Difficulty: Easy
Conditions:  Mostly cloudy. Light breeze.  Hot/humid.  Trails mostly dry.  Creek level low.  No other hikers on trail today.
Gray squirrels, cardinals, thrashers, crows, and lizards kept me company today.  Oh... there were GNATS too!  Tons and tons of the little, bothersome creatures.  Guess I should have taken DEET or some other repellant....  It is amazing how much worry such a small creature can bring.

I did enjoy my hike -- in spite of the flying pests.  Even though summers in Alabama are hot and humid, I still enjoy getting out on the trails and drinking in the beauty of GOD's Creation.  I am blessed!

Tried out the Gerber Brush axe on the sticker-vines on the Hickory Hill Trail.  It worked quite well at clearing out even the tough "saw briars".  Altogether a useful tool to have around the homestead. 

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