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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hiking with the Brother - Smith Mountain Alpine Trail - 1/30/2016

Hike: Smith Mountain Alpine Trail, Lake Martin, Alabama, Sat. 1/30/2016  11:00-13:30CST
Distance:  3.5 miles  Difficulty: Moderate due to elevation changes  Rating: 5/5
Conditions: Perfect day for a hike! Low 70s. Calm to light winds. Mostly clear.  Trails in excellent shape.  Were more hikers than I am used to meeting.  Believe the "draw" of the new trail and Fire Tower makes for more people.  
Enjoyed exploring the "new trail" with my brother.  Wonderful vistas from atop the restored Fire Tower sitting on the top of Smith Mountain.  Skeleton of a fire service cabin sets at the base of the tower.  Good to see several families, some with small children, out enjoying GOD's Creation. 

Water levels were down as is typical for the Winter.  We were able to hike to several "small islands" that would have necessitated getting wet during warmer weather. 

"Exploring" this area brought back fond memories of growing up hiking the woods around Brundidge!

Hiking stats from Ramblr.

Video below is my feeble, beginning attempt at recording some of my hikes on video (GoPro).
YouTube video of Smith Mountain Alpine Trail Hike! 

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