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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Oak Mountain GoPro Hike 12/29/2015

Hike: Green Trail (Peavine Falls Trail), Oak Mountain State Park, Pelham, AL  12/29/2015
Distance: 4  miles  Difficulty: Moderate (due to elevation gain and footing)  Rating: 5/5
Conditions:  Partly cloudy.  Mild.  Calm.  Trails wet due to recent heavy rains.
Hiking with Diane, Robert, and Roxie "The Trail Dog".  First use of my GoPro Hero camera (a Christmas gift from Diane, Robert, & Kathy).  Had a wonderful time.  So much more water going over Peavine Falls than I have seen before.  Beautiful day.  Much needed hike.

Ramblr Link for hike

YouTube video of Peavine Falls!

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