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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lakeside Trail - Swayback TOLA 2/13/2016

Hike: Lakeside Trail Swayback, Sat. 2/13/2016 09:45-11:45CST
Distance: 5.8 miles Difficulty: Easy Rating: 4.5/5 
Conditions: Clear blue sky. Low 40s. Wind calm to moderate. Trails dry with a few muddy spots.
A pristine blue sky was the backdrop for the entire hike today.  One could not have asked for a more perfect setting.  With cooler temps (lower 40s at start) and moderate winds the frog choirs were not active today.  Birds of all sizes were actively involved in "bird-business" though.  Their songs and squawking were joined by the trees moaning in the wind.  Altogether a wonderful hike.

I was glad to see the bright Northern Cardinal -- Spring is coming!

As I was hiking out the main trail toward the trail head, I met two families on mountain bikes.  They were riding in reverse order of age (youngest in the front).  I was impressed with the young girl's trail etiquette and presence of mind.  Upon seeing me she immediately yelled out to the riders behind "hiker ahead, move to the right".  There were about 6 kids from elementary age to teens with their two moms.  (Don't know why neither dad was present.)  Kudos to you both, Mom, for taking your children out on the trail!

Great prayer and worship time today.  Had the trails largely to myself.


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