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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kayaking Cooter's Pond/Alabama River 20160618

Kayaking: Cooter's Pond & Alabama River, Sat., 06/18/2016; 08:00-11:00CDT
Distance: 5 miles  Difficulty: Easy  Rating: 4.5/5
Conditions: Cloudy.  Moderate breeze.  Small chop on open water - calm in protected areas.  Warm but pleasant temperature.  Steady stream of boats launching at the landing, but not crowded.

Kayaking with the Brother first time this year.  Had a wonderful time.  Quite a few water birds (mostly blue heron) busy today.  Alligator gar were jumping in the shallow areas.  One eagle nest visible in the old dead stand area.  In fact, we were treated to the sight of one eagle flying with a fresh catch in his/her talons!  Swallows were busy underneath the bridge at RTJ.  They have constructed an entire colony of adobe nests on the concrete pylons!

Lillypads were in abundance throughout the lakes at RTJ - some will be blooming shortly.  We did not see any alligators (which is just fine).

Explored the lakes at RTJ and completely around the island at Cooter's Pond.  

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