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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mountain Biking - Swayback TOLA - 07/14/2016

Bike:  Swayback Trail of Legends, Thu 07/14/2016 09:30-10:30CDT
Distance: 4.5 miles  Difficulty: Moderate due to heat/humidity and technical aspects  Rating: 4/5
Conditions: Hot/humid.  Calm.  PCloudy.  Trails in good shape.

Quite a few roots and rocks on most of the single-track.  Makes for a more technical ride.  L-o-n-g hill coming up from Swayback Bridge is challenging; especially when one is just getting back onto the mountain bike!  Can tell I need more saddle time.

Enjoyable ride and good workout.  Some of the trail time is off-bike, exploring some small side trails I found.

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