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Monday, July 04, 2016

Cherokee Ridge Alpine North Trail, Chimney Rock, and Kowliga Bay LoopTrails - 7/4/2016

Hike: Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail (North and a portion of South), Chimney Rock Trail, and Kowliga Bay Loop Trail (clockwise from trailhead), Mon., 7/4/2016, 09:30-13:00CDT
Distance: 5.6 miles  Difficulty: Moderate (due to heat and humidity) Rating: 4.5/5
Conditions: Hot (mid 90s) with high humidity.  Mostly calm with occasional moderate breezes.  Mostly clear with some darker clouds.  Trails dry and well maintained.
This hike was a workout with the high temps and humidity but it was very much enjoyed!  Forest was alive with plant, insect, and animal life.  A few various wildflowers were in bloom -- though the floral stars of the day were the ferns.  Cascading up and down the ridges and softening the forest floor, the green ferns stir primeval thoughts (they have always done that for me).

Though boat traffic was heavy on the lake at least one turtle seemed to be lazily swimming along the shoreline off Kowliga Bay.  One family had anchored their boat at one of the moderate sized islands off Kowliga Bay and set up a tent. The kids were enjoying playing in the water with floats.  They should have an excellent vantage point for the 4th of July fireworks tonight.

Got within 40 feet of three does near the end of the hike.  I was upwind from them and they had trouble spotting me.

Another thought and worship filled hike!

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