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Saturday, April 01, 2017

Early Spring Hike - Swayback TOLA - 4/1/2017 (No April's Fool here!)

Hike: Swayback TOLA; Sat., 4/1/2017, 09:00-12:00CDT
Distance: 5.9 miles  Rating: 4.8/5.0  Difficulty: Easy
Conditions: Bright blue, clear sky.  Calm.  Low 70's.  Trails mostly dry with a few muddy patches from recent rains.  Swampy area near trailhead is at full-pool.

Since the weather was so gorgeous, I shared the trail with several mountain bikers, trail-runners, and a few other hikers.  There was plenty of beauty and solitude to go around though.

My mind was on the message for tomorrow from Isaiah 55 -- GOD's Thoughts, Words, & Actions!  I can certainly see and feel HIS care, creativity, and actions all around me.  I was thrilled to witness a pileated woodpecker in flight on a portion of the Black Trail past the slough.  This bird is certainly striking in size and coloration.  The Northern Cardinal is always one of my favorites, and he did not disappoint on this occasion.  Paserine choirs were present throughout the hike.  Butterflies are beginning to make an appearance.  (Eastern Tiger Swallowtail).  Wild azaleas and small purple flowers (that remind me of small irises) were in full bloom.  Dogwoods are beginning to show their color as well.

Thank YOU, LORD, for this wonderful spot and this time.  YOU are magnified in YOUR Creation.

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