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Monday, July 17, 2017

Lake Jordan Paddle - Saturday, 07/15/2017

Kayaking: Lake Jordan Alabama (Put in at Rotary Landing); Saturday, 7/15/2017, 07:00-11:00CDT
Distance: 8 miles  Difficulty: Easy  Rating: 4.8/5.0
Conditions:  On lake at 07:00CDT, cloudy and mild.  Lake was extremely placid.  The cooler temperatures were greatly appreciated.  Light breeze by end of the paddle had ripples on the lake.  Motor boat traffic produced larger waves nearer the take-out point.  Temperatures were very warm by 11:00am as the sun began to assert its presence.
Enjoyed kayaking with my brother, Glenn, and a friend from church, Brian Goff.  Lake Jordan was unusually peaceful and still at the start of our paddle.  We launched from Rotary Landing without incident though Gracie proceeded to step off the kayak about 5 minutes after launch!  She managed to slip off the yak a total of three times within the first 30 minutes of the trip (one time by stepping off backwards!).  After this last event she settled down and rested against me for the duration of the trip.  (She wears here PFD at all times and is tethered to the yak.)
Observed bass, carp, and alligator gar jumping, as well as heron, egret, cormoran, and osprey.  Lake was about full pool thanks to recent rains.  Water was warm.

I was pleased with Gracie's behavior around other people (she is aloof at the beginning but warms up to strangers) and her actions on the kayak (slips off the yak aside).  She maintained a centered and still position for the great majority of the trip.  As she approaches her mature weight it will be even more important that she remain centered!  

After our paddle, all four of us enjoyed BBQ at Champs!  Great day on the water with friends.  

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