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Monday, June 08, 2009

Great Western Expedition - Trip Journal - Day 1

Monday, June 08, 2009

What a day it has been! Certainly not according to my plan, but I trust according to YOUR plan, LORD. Buttons started the morning off memorably when she found and devoured a large Reese’s Valentine Heart. After a nervous telephone consultation with the vet, Kathy administered hydrogen peroxide until Buttons “got rid” of the chocolate. By the time Buttons got through it was 10:00am.

Kathy and I said our good-byes and set off (late but on our way). After topping off the tank and checking the air pressure we headed west – or so I thought. When we reached highway speed I noticed a distinct sway in the trailer. After a consultation with KBarK, it was determined that we needed an anti-sway bar added. It would be 2pm before they could work us in.

They managed to get us in by 1:30pm and out less than an hour later -- two hundred dollars lighter but ready for the road. We were (finally) on the road by 3pm.

After being beaten up by the sad state of the road conditions in Mississippi, we called it a night in Vicksburg, MS. Motel6 kept the light on for us!

It has been a frustrating start to the Great Western Expedition, but I know that YOU have a reason and something for me to learn. Thank YOU for YOUR watchcare, for getting us safely here, and for what YOU have in store. I am looking forward to each day. Please renew and refresh us. Draw us closer to YOU and to each other. I pray that YOU will be honored in this special time.

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profche said...

Hey there Larry, I am glad that at least you made it that far safely!