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Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Hiking" Lake Tallassee - 06/18/2011

Hike: Kayak Exploration of Lake Tallassee (Lake Thurlow), Sat. 06/18/2011, 08:45-12:00
Distance: 6 miles (est. based on time)  Rating: 5/5
Difficulty: Easy (Hardest thing was finding the park!)
Conditions: Warm & Muggy at start.  Mostly cloudy with nice breeze from SE.  Becoming partly cloudy and hot by lunch-time.
Had a fantastic time kayaking this smallest of the Corps of Engineers impoundments in Alabama.  Glenn thoroughly enjoyed his new kayak, I believe!  It was good to be able to share the adventure with him -- it's been too long since we have been on an "adventure" together.

He took some light tackle and missed one strike at the bridge but caught a hybrid bass near the landing on our way back. 

We had the lake almost completely to ourselves.  Only saw three other boats the entire three hours.  The Tallapoosa was its normal clear to aquamarine color.  Saw several blue herons, numerous swallows/swifts nesting under the bridge, quite a few colonies of purple martins, and the ubiquitous passerines.  Near mid-day the turtles came out swimming near the surface of the water or sun-bathing on stumps.  We spooked two large white-tail deer near the feeder creek.  With kayaks you can move silently and into extremely shallow water.  The blue heron did not fly away from us until we were within 15 yards.  He didn't seem to be sure "what" we were.

This is one to put on the list for follow-up in cooler weather. 

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