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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Using Your Mountain Bike to Defend Your Life!

Maybe I should not complain about being chased by a dog while riding my mountain bike...

Mountain Bike Saves Man’s Life When Leopard Attacks

A South African man by the name of Pieta Ncube was riding to work last Tuesday near the town of Brits when a leopard began to follow him, ready to attack. Ncube says he used the triangular shape of his mountain bike frame to trap the leopard’s two front legs, which prevented it from biting Ncube or lurching at him. He then used a metal bar attached to his bike to hit the animal–as it counterattacked with scratches to Ncube’s face. Eventually, the leopard ran away, enabling Ncube to get away and call for help.
Ncube has been released from the hospital, and despite a full-scale search for the leopard, there has been no mention in reports about whether or not it as been found.

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